Marginalia 1-07

I’m thinking that to help distinguish them, or maybe just for the hell of it, this year’s marginalia will be denominated by number. While I’m not sure this is the system that will be used, here’s this year’s first installment:

  • The LA Times asks if Amazon plays with book prices if you’ve put a book in your “shopping cart” but don’t purchase it on that visit. (Via SF Signal).
  • AbeBooks has one of the more interesting 2006 in review for books. Its categories include such things as Most Expensive Books Sold, the Most Searched for Books and the Bestselling Used Books. (Via Reading Copy, the AbeBooks blog.)
  • And here’s another approach: 75 books I failed to read in 2006. (Via The Literary Saloon.)
  • You’ll probably find something worthwhile or interesting in Jason Kottke’s best links of 2006.
  • To hopefully move away from listing lists, Filmoculous has one again assembled its annual compilation of best of lists.
  • While I don’t agree with everything (for example, Scott should know that Bruce and the E Street Band are the world’s greatest rock and roll band), I have to admit that Earth 2 has a lot of preferable features.
  • I note the factual error on the front page of Saturday’s local “news” section in the local daily has gone without a published correction. Perhaps it has been corrected on the paper’s blog, from which it arose, but I only look at new posts from it as they appear in my RSS reader.

Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are.

Jose Saramago, Blindness

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  • You don’t think I love the Boss? Bruce is part of my Mount Rushmore of rock…or only a half-step below.

    Thanks for the regular commentary on my silly babbling.