Younger passion

Given the timing of my post on passion, it’s been interesting with all three daughters around for the summer. It makes me realize just how friggin’ fortunate I am.

Let’s start with oldest daughter, now 21. She was struggling with a variation of the purpose and passions issues addressed in that post. Her struggle? Take […]

Those wacky Amazon recommendations

I occasionally look at what Amazon recommends for me when I’m searching out new books or foreign or classic films that might be of interest. But when it comes to music, I think the pixies in that department for Amazon recommendations are spending to much time imbibing in various substances. Here’s some of Amazon’s recent […]

Purpose, passion and related motifs

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is my middle daughter graduating high school yesterday and us leaving today for her to register for college in Nebraska, I seem to have been hearing a lot about purpose lately. For me, purpose is shorthand for “What do you really want to be when […]

Book Review: Brasyl by Ian McDonald

Writers, like other artists, do not create in a vacuum. Rather, creation often comes by accretion, building on ideas of others to strike out in new or different directions. Ian McDonald’s Brasyl is a marvelous example of such synthesis.

Each chapter contains three storylines set in past, present and future Brazils. Not only does McDonald […]

Thursday marginalia

I’m not sure who comes up with these things but since today is Bob Dylan’s birthday is is also apparently Talk Like Bob Dylan Day. (Via.) Does anyone else find it somewhat disheartening that more bachelor’s degrees are awarded every year in Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies than in all foreign languages and […]