Album but no tour news

Fans this morning got confirmation of part of what we’ve known — Springsteen and the E Street Band have a new studio album. According to the official press release, the album, with a street date of October 2, has 11 new songs, all recorded in Atlanta.  (Rolling Stone claims to have “exclusive news” about the album.)

But we didn’t hear what we really want to know. The press release makes no mention of a tour. But as noted in the e-mail it sent out right after the album was formally announced:

We can practically guaran-damn-tee you it’s going to happen, though. While the exact routing is still up in the air, and we’re waiting for an official announcement before we start thinking too seriously about it, look for an E Street Band tour to kick off on or around the same day as the album, hitting US cities until Thanksgiving or so, and European venues between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And that’s just 2007.

I can pretty much guaran-damn-tee that my wife and I will be buying ourselves a few early Christmas presents between October 2 and Thanksgiving.

Big Wheels rolling through fields
Where sunlight streams
Meet me in a land of hope and dreams

“Land of Hope and Dreams,” Bruce Springsteen, Live in New York City

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