Celebrate Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week starts today. You shouldn’t spend it celebrating the banning of books. Celebrate the books that have been banned or the subject of banning efforts. The American Library Association has plenty of good suggestions on how to mark the week (such as putting a badge on your blog like the one at the […]

Book marginalia

As promised, an assortment of recent material dealing with books and reading:

Given that the first event was last night, I have been remiss in not mentioning that the South Dakota Festival of Books is going on this weekend in the Black Hills. Micawbers Books in St. Paul, “the last indie bookstore in the Twin […]

Transitional marginalia

Continuing the transition from too many doses of the political to normalcy (including a review, albeit of a politically tinged book, Monday), here’s some accumulated general marginalia. An installment specifically related to books and reading comes later today.

Federal immigration authorities have announced a redesigned test with 100 new “civics” questions immigrants will have to […]

Hockey on the horizon

In those immortal words, “and now for something completely different,” the leaves turning and fall in the air means one thing — it’s almost hockey season.

My online hockey fantasy league had its draft last night. Among other places, we’ve got guys from Southern California, the UK and Canada. Having randomly been selected to get […]

There’s that feeling again

As I noted in my last post, things here may have trended a bit toward the political recently. I even decided not to post the original draft of this last week. Yet more keeps popping up in the news that bewilders me — and resurrects that sinking feeling America is becoming more like a bad […]