Socialists and liberals progressives, oh my

For a guy who claimed Monday he was too busy to blog, Todd Epp had a couple excellent posts this week dealing with political labels.

One is a nice post on the Socialist Club at Roosevelt High School. I was thinking about doing something on it because my youngest daughter is a junior at Roosevelt. When she mentioned the club’s approval a couple weeks ago I expected Roosevelt’s new principal, Don Ryswyk, to catch some heat. My daughter’s not a member but it’s refreshing to see that Ryswyk understands that exploring and discussing ideas is (horrors!) education.

Todd followed that yesterday with a look at South Dakota’s “liberal media.” Evidently, the “L word” has become so tainted that even the report Todd cites shies away from it. Although it uses the terms “conservative” and “centrist,” there aren’t any “liberal” columnists in the report. Instead, they are “progressives.”

Gee, with these studies and perhaps even columnists horning in on things, maybe I should try to distinguish the blog by calling it “A Progressive Socialist on the Prairie”? Anyway, a hat tip to Todd, who probably (and rightfully) is quite proud of the “liberal” appellation.

Fear of ideas makes us impotent and ineffective.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

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    I think that educating people about the many forms of socalisim is a good way to broaden minds. Many of americans minds are set only one way, the way america wants it to be, people dont know that there are many other belief systems that work. Also its not a comunist socialist group and it dosent advise people to be a comunist socialist, the group is more of a democratic socialist group, but all beliefs are accpted. The kids runing the group are very good kids, with good grades, and a low crime status. I dont see why anyone would have any right to critisize this group.