A heathen’s Christmas greeting 2007

Now that I think I have all the initial bugs worked out, I’m pretty sure this year’s Christmas greeting (although, like other bloggers, a repeat), is coming from my new server. And although I call it my traditional one, my Christmas greeting is not traditional in the standard sense of the word. But you gotta […]

Happy Festivus!

While not wishing to step into the whole Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays debate, I generally refer to the “holidays” because in the course of a little over a month you’ve got Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years — three of which are official U.S. holidays regardless of your creed or religion. Still, today is […]

New location (I hope) marginalia

There’s been a few glitches along the way. And some of those have led to, “God, I hope this works” thoughts in pushing certain buttons. Still, I think I have the blog transferred to the new server and and everything seems to be functioning properly. It takes a while for the change to propagate through […]

SD bloggers reflect the traits we brag about

We South Dakotans tend to talk about how friendly and helpful we all are. While it sometimes may just be lip service, I learned again this week that it’s true and, moreover, that it carries over to our blogosphere.

When the lights went out here for an extended period of time, PP at South Dakota […]

Are the lights on????

After a 72+ hour outage here, the blog is back — I hope.

Many thanks to the South Dakota War College and S.D. Watch for letting people know this wasn’t a voluntary shut down. (A bit more on them in another forthcoming post.) The problem was that the servers used by my web host apparently […]