Happy Festivus!

While not wishing to step into the whole Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays debate, I generally refer to the “holidays” because in the course of a little over a month you’ve got Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years — three of which are official U.S. holidays regardless of your creed or religion. Still, today is my favorite: Festivus!

I wish for no Festivus miracles this year as all three daughters are safely home and everyone in the family is well. What more do we need? Still, I do have grievances to air (mainly dealing with the performance this week of both my fantasy hockey team and my now former web host) and undoubtedly my family has one or two (or 30) dealing with me. We will have to create a Festivus pole and my guess is our assorted feats of strength will not involve physical strength.

If, by chance, you too are not in need of a Festivus miracle, pass along your chance for a miracle to those who may truly be in need of one. After all, isn’t Festivus all about finding a better way?

I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Festivus.

George Costanza

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