New location (I hope) marginalia

There’s been a few glitches along the way. And some of those have led to, “God, I hope this works” thoughts in pushing certain buttons. Still, I think I have the blog transferred to the new server and and everything seems to be functioning properly. It takes a while for the change to propagate through the internet (and Midcontinent seems to be <s>particularly slow</s> absolutely horrible in updating DNS records or clearing the DNS cache). But if you’re reading this that process is complete at least for your ISP and browser. In addition, I’ve already noticed a difference with the new web host as tech support solved a redirection problem I was having during the initial transfer of the blog with one phone call.

That said, here’s a few items you may have missed from other places even though you were looking elsewhere during my stretch of technical difficulties:

So if you’re still listenin’
I hope you’ll remember
The kid with the big white guitar
And all the sad stories to tell

“My Favorite Changes,” Stephen Stills, Stills

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