It’s always something

I planned on getting some posting done this week, starting after I got home from work Monday night. So, I turned on the desktop PC and….. nothing. It would not boot up.

Long story short, it is now in the shop in the hopes that at least some data on the hard drive is recoverable. Of course, I do have a backup — from August of last year.

That’s indicative of a good news-bad news situation. The August backup allowed me to restore at least that part of my wife’s e-mail address book on another desktop we have at home, although it doesn’t help with the various information in e-mails sent to my ISP-provided addresses I’d saved in Outlook Express. Likewise, while I have a more recent backup of our Quicken data, I no longer have the installation disc, meaning I have to go out and buy the new (and very overpriced) version. Finally, although my password program from the desktop is inaccessible, I had many of them in the same program on my laptop so was able to get them from one to the other.

Still, most of my evenings this week have been and will be spent slowly trying to get things back to normal on the home desktop front. Thus, bloggus interruptus strikes again, although I do plan to at least get up a post or two as time allows.

Look, Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this.

HAL the computer, 2001 – A Space Odyssey

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