We interrupt this blog for serious horn tooting

I don’t normally blog from work but this morning’s mail contained a decision from the state Supreme Court on what is probably the biggest case I’ve argued there. The Court ruled in our favor, finding the state’s current tax on insurance premiums constitutional. Why is that important? The premium tax brings in $50 to $60 million a year and accounts for about five percent of the total tax revenues. Not only did we prevail on that issue, we got the decision within three months after the last brief was filed and just seven weeks after oral argument.

This case has flown under the radar since it got started and while I don’t normally discuss cases in which I am involved, this one is too big to let pass unmentioned here. Besides, I figure I won’t get much work done today now anyway. And for what it’s worth, today’s closing quote is what every lawyer appealing to the Supreme Court wants to read.

The State appeals, and we reverse.

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. v. Kinsman

2 comments to We interrupt this blog for serious horn tooting

  • Rich Engels

    Congratulations Tim! This is a great victory for you and for SD. As a former Division Counsel for the Division of Insurance, I know what a big revenue source the premium tax is for SD. As a legislator, I know we’d be having a special session if the premium tax were ruled unconstitutional.

    Rich Engels

  • Liz

    My dad’s a big shot. : ) Perhaps another Bruce concert is in order to celebrate!