Another milestone

This post must go in the perhaps better late than never category. It was drafted over the weekend and the fact it is being posted today reflects just how far it got with the various work and home activity that’s going on.

Anyway, twenty-two years ago this past weekend, my then less than three month old daughter was present when I graduated from law school. The situation was reversed last Saturday as my wife and I (and middle daughter) attended her undergraduate commencement ceremonies. Let’s just say she graduated in less time and with (deservedly) more honors than my undergraduate career.

Surprisingly, seeing her graduate didn’t make me feel any older or seem as . It seemed like just another step in the ongoing process of watching her grow up and become independent. Here’s what made me feel old: how tired I feel from helping her move stuff back home for the summer (before she heads off this fall for grad school at the U of Missouri), the small party we had for her Saturday evening, the return of middle daughter for the summer and the addition of a new dog to the house, all in the course of about three days.

Despite the delay in getting this posted, I’m proud of her accomplishments so far and the fact her career choice is aimed at helping people. That and the joy of seeing her finding her own way in the world far outweigh what it (and the aches and pains) say about how old I’m getting.

Teach your children well

“Teach Your Children,” CSN&Y, Déjà Vu

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