Weekend Edition: 10-25

Bulletin Board

I’ve posted a review of Broadcast Sessions 1958-1959 by the Miles Davis All-Stars over at Blogcritics.

Bookish Linkage

Amazon gives a book review thief his comeuppance — sort of.

Flashlight Worthy combines lists and books to come up with “handpicked book recommendations on hundreds of topics.” (Via.)

Meanwhile, here’s some recommendations for drinking and reading. (Via.)

What kind of books are selling during the recent economic crisis? (Also via.)

Borders cuts back on stocking SF books.

Nonbookish Linkage

Hmm, I know SDSU-USD games occasionally see frozen coyotes and rabbits thrown on the playing surface but some Swedes took it to a different level this week. (Via.)

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin proposes astronauts sent to Mars have a one way trip. (Via.)

More Big Picture space porn.

A law school professor explains why he bans laptops in the classroom.

It’s probably been all over the internet but here’s a quick political diversion on white privilege.

Jesus didn’t look like the boy next door
Unless you live in Palestine

Everclear, “Jesus Was A Democrat

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