Weekend Edition: 4-17

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Dr. Strangelove shows up in COVID-19 anti-vax idiocy The role magic played in the development of early Christianity Woogans: vegans who believe in “woo-woo” ideas Just in case you need to find a Pastafarian Why we listen to sad music Medieval pandemic cures The misinformation virus The lost cosmonaut conspiracy theory Prince Philip […]

Weekend Edition: 4-10

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Studies indicate “politicization of religious freedom has infiltrated every level of the federal judiciary“ I’m so happy to learn I was happiest almost 30 years ago Has the pandemic led to more demonic possession? But no one should be surprised that Zoom creates zombies

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I fully agree that, more than any […]

Weekend Edition: 4-3

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Religion, Legitimacy, and Government in America, A Just-So Story (“How is it, then, that religious belief can be both foundational to American democracy and a profound threat to it?”) Dr. Seuss’s Mistakes Are the Least of Our Troubles (“of all the racist, sexist, classist things children are exposed to, […]

Weekend Edition: 3-27

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Stop Invoking ‘The Founding Fathers’ in Political Debates (“To do so is to suggest that your views are unequivocally American and therefore correct, which couldn’t be more wrong.”)

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Can religion give you PTSD? “Sex addiction” isn’t really an addiction but a byproduct of conservative religiosity The uses […]

Weekend Edition: 3-20

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The Covid Queen of South Dakota (“‘I choose to rely on science and data and facts,’ said Noem, despite disregarding the actual science and data.”)

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John Thune is becoming a legend The year the y-axis broke What conspiracy theorists don’t believe Could time travel ever work? […]