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Latest innovative pro se pleading

Motion requesting “you all go fuck yourselves“

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“Cancel culture” is an empty vessel Skepticism as a way of life An interesting look at the makeup of QAnon believers (I repeat: our country is full of idjits) The impossibility of history Portugal has an Anchor Cemetery And did you […]

Biweekly Edition: 3-26

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There’s a couple new items in Curmudgeon’s Gallery

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New Research On Trump Voters: They’re Not The Sharpest Tools In The Box

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Two years of Covidiocy The right’s slant on religious freedom is a slippery slope When I practiced law, I wholeheartedly agreed that this is a total waste […]

Biweekly Edition: 3-12

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Are Polar Bears Altruistic or Just Bad At Math?

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Idaho Lawmakers OK Legislation That Could Fine, Jail Librarians

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On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem

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“National narcissism is strongly tied to the spread of COVID-19 conspiracy theories.” The long, […]

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You just can’t tell the truth about America anymore Grain’s impact on World War I There’s no “we” in baptism The etymology of “god” How to summon a demon Tbilisi’s underground city The jackalope, which keeps watch over local bars, tourist traps, junk shops, greasy spoon diners and dimly lit pool halls

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Biweekly Edition: 2-12

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What to Watch on Super Bowl Sunday That Isn’t the Goddamn Super Bowl (not a fan of their options but…) Drunk priest ‘mistakenly’ slaughters human instead of goat; arrested

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Further proof that we’re a nation of ignoramuses How slavery was written out of the Declaration of Independence One billion […]