Weekend Edition: 3-28

Random Observations

Good news, bad news. My youngest daughter found out this morning she got accepted at the college to which she is probably most wants to go. The bad news is tuition is $40,000+ annually.

Wednesday night’s performance by The Blue Note 7 is already a strong candidate for concert of the year.

A remake of The Three Stooges? Is absolutely nothing sacred?

Bookish Linkage

A site dedicated to bookmarks, of all things, comes up with a list of the most interesting bookstores in the world. I’ve been in the bookstore in Helsinki and could have stayed a long, long time.

But evidently problems encouraging people to read aren’t limited to the U.S. According to a story on the U.K. site TheBookseller, a recent study found that in lower income, non-professional families “books were seen as alien and unattractive, while reading was considered an anti-social activity for people who, as one respondent said, ‘don’t know how to live’.”

Is this a sign of bad economic times? Nonfiction Lover, a librarian, notes that her library has experienced a rash of thefts — not of books, but toilet paper.

SF Signal has come up with its list of the 10 best blogs of science fiction and fantasy authors.

The finalists for the Prometheus Awards have been announced. The best novel award is given annually by the Libertarian Futurist Society for “pro-freedom novels.” Two of the books are also finalists for the Hugo Award for best novel.

Nonbookish Linkage

Once again, The Big Picture excels — this time with the flooding in North Dakota.

What’s “blowin’ in the wind”? Evidently, at Bob Dylan’s place it’s an outhouse.

David Barash makes observations I’ve often had: “Marx was wrong: The opiate of the masses isn’t religion, but spectator sports. … The real question we should be asking during the madness surrounding this month’s collegiate basketball championship season is not who will win, but why anyone cares.”

Woke up this mornin’
With nothin’ on my mind
Nothin’s all I’m a lookin’ for
Nothin’s all I’ll find

Title track, Goose Creek Symphony, Welcome to Goose Creek

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