Friday Follies 1.5

A few more Michael Jackson law-related (at least tangentially) headlines: What will happen to Michael Jackson’s kids? and Michael Jackson: The Mother of All Malpractice Suits? (via) and, of course, Michael Jackson’s Will: The Details, an interview with a lawyer “who does not represent the Jackson family.”

“A York [G.B.] postman has been jailed for burning stacks of mail in his garden after smoking so much cannabis he was too lazy to deliver it.” (Via.)

Maybe it isn’t always a good thing to be named lawyer of the day.

After a hearing on a motion to dismiss his lawsuit, George Morgan sent the attorney on the other side a note written on toilet paper that said, “Dear Susan, Please use this to wipe your ass, that argument was a bunch of shit! You[rs] Truly, George Morgan.” Morgan was subjected to disciplinary proceedings — in the Texas prison in which he was incarcerated. A federal appeals court has now said the discipline did not violate his First Amendment rights. (Via.)

To quote Above the Law, “There are so many different reasons why one might get a severe rash from a Victoria’s Secret bra that the 17 suits filed in various states cannot be consolidated into one.”

Confidentiality agreement means ex-wife can’t talk about divorce — ever.

My decision to become a lawyer was irrevocably sealed when I realized my father hated the legal profession.

John Grisham, The Rainmaker

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