Weekend Edition: 6-27


The blogosphere was all aflutter this week with word the FTC wants to regulate blogs. Remember, you read it here first more than two months ago.

My review of Masterpiece Comics was the featured item Monday in the Blogcritics Books section.

SD Blogosphere Goings On

The ACLU of South Dakota has launched its own blog, A Little Liberty on the Prairie. It has been added to the Blogrol but not just because of its catchy namel. (H/T Dakota Women.)

Denise Ross interviews GOP gubernatorial candidate (and one of my law partners) Dave Knudson at The Hoghouse Blog.

Achievement Awards

Headline of the week (winner by a shitboatload): So ugly, I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with it.

Bookish Linkage

Author who wrote Tom Waits biography, and to whom Waits would not talk, is sued for libel — by Waits’ former manager.

What????? The NEA hands out 269 grants worth $3.7 million for the 2009-2010 The Big Read and no South Dakota entity is included??? (Via.)

Can I can get a Kindle and make it a business expense?

Geek the library. (Via.)

The Guardian‘s books blog asks, Can publishing go any lower?

A book award I’d not heard of before: the Royal Society Prize for Science Books. And, somewhat to my surprise, I’ve actually read one of the six books on the shortlist.

SF Signal explores international SF.

Meanwhile, io9 looks at SF books that launched their own genres.

The WSJ suggests five best books on U.S. history.

What is evidently the U.K.’s version of Amazon, The Book Depository, is evidently going to enter the mouth of the beast, launching a U.S. website next month.

Nonbookish Linkage

“This week a homeless man in California hit a fellow transient in the face with a skateboard over a disagreement about quantum physics.”

How far will your salary go in another city? (Via.)

Earth pron (from space).

How ’bout this? You CAN get a grade worse than an “F”.

And across from the bar there’s a pile of beer cans
Been there twenty-seven years
Imagine all the heart aches and tears
In twenty-seven years of beer

Jimmy Buffett, “Ringling, Ringling,” Living and Dying in 3/4 Time

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