Happy blog birthday

I just realized I started this blog six years ago today. In terms of the SD blogosphere that probably makes me an oldtimer, even though the focus has changed over the years and isn’t on South Dakota issues.

During those six years, there’s been 1,553 posts (not counting this one). Given the history of the blog, politics remains the category with the most posts. But if you combine general book-related posts with book reviews that subject is far ahead, which is as it should be and as I hoped.

The change of focus appears to be doing well. At least according to Google Analytics, comparing Jan. 1 to Aug. 31 of this year with the same period this year:

— the number of visits is up 11.5 percent.
— the number of pageviews is up 28.2 percent.
— the number of pages visited per visit is up 14.97 percent
— the bounce rate is down 8.35 percent.
— the average time spent on the blog is up 62.2 percent.

Since I’ve started using Google Analytics, the home page is, naturally, the most popular. But my review of Out Stealing Horses, posted in January 2008, remains the single most popular post. In fact, for at least one variation of Google searches for reviews of the book, it is the first result listed, above even the NYT review.

So, even though it is and remains mostly an amusing diversion and outlet, happy birthday to my blog.

Blogging is thinking in front of others.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, quoted in Naked Conversations

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