Tell a tale of titles

I’m finally caving in on this meme, which has been floating around for a couple weeks. I figured since it’s my birthday I can do what I want, right? So, here’s the deal, the meme requires answering the following questions using only the titles of books you’ve read this year without repeating any of the titles. Not sure what it may tell you about me (or me about myself) but….

Describe Yourself: The Sixties

How Do You Feel?: Blameless in Abaddon

Describe Where You Currently Live: American Pastoral

If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: Amsterdam

Your Favorite Form of Transportation: Magic Bus

Your Best Friend Is: The Thief and the Dogs

You and Your Friends Are: American Rust

What’s the Weather Like?: Finding the Moon in Sugar

Favorite Time of Day: Private Midnight

What is Life to You: A Free Life

You Fear: Unforgiving Years

What Is the Best Advice You Have to Give?: Travel as a Political Act

Thought for the Day: Dangerous Laughter

How I Would Like to Die?: Serenity Found

My Soul’s Present Condition: Tranquility

A novel is never anything, but a philosophy put into images.

Albert Camus, Selected Essays and Note-books

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