Another in the ‘I wish I’d said that’ category

Part of the reason reading is so important to me is the ability of people to express thoughts, ideas and emotions with the written word. I also recognize there are plenty of people who can do that far, far better than I. The latest case in point is a blog entry I came across through the Goodreads blog.

Mandy Brown is a creative director at publisher W.W. Norton & Company. She also has a blog called a working library (actually, the full title appears to be sshhh! This is a working library.). On Sunday, she posted her thoughts on ways of reading. All nine are not only insightful and true, they are so impressive, I couldn’t resist posting a couple of them as an fitting way to end the year.

“Every book alights a path to other books. Follow these paths as far as you can. This is how you build a library.”

“The best library contains both books you have read, and books you have not. The latter should grow in proportion as the library expands. A working library is as much a place for the possible as it is a record of the past.”

Thank you, Mandy, for such cogent observations. I sure wish I’d said it.

A single book struggles to balance on its spine; it pines for neighbors. Keep as many books as you have room for.

Mandy Brown, “Ways of Reading”

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