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  • At first, I thought today’s post was going to be short simply due to mid-January doldrums. But, in fact, today is actually National Nothing Day. By posting, though, I suppose I’m converting it to little or nothing day.

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  • This one is probably only for hockey fans but a blogger has uncovered the NHL’s suspension flow chart. (Via.)
  • In addition to mental degradation, each hour spent in front of the television daily is associated with an 11 percent increased risk of death from all causes, a 9 percent increased risk of cancer death; and an 18 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease-related death. (Via.)
  • Editor & Publisher joins Kirkus Reviews in being saved. Don’t know if a two-week shutdown keeps it from the “not yet dead” category.

Nature abhors a moron.

H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy

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