Friday Follies 2.1

Defamation suit over a Tweet dismissed because much of Twitter is “pointless babble.” Personally, I think courts could take judicial notice of that.

Jurors in a murder trial in Winnipeg, Manitoba, were sent home early “after the star witness . . . couldn’t stop vomiting while under cross-examination.” (Via.)

Gotta agree with this: “I didn’t know the law” is not a good excuse for any lawyer. (Via.)

A federal appeals court has upheld a Wisconisn prison regulation forbidding inmates from playing Dungeons & Dragons because it “promotes gang-related activity.” (Via.)

Although I’ve not seen this before, I know from experience that the pervasiveness of computerized legal research leads to odd places for law books to go to die.

A former Chinese Supreme Court Justice has been sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption after being convicted of taking more than $570,000 in bribes in return for favorable rulings.

Most lawyers who have never lost a case have not had enough hard cases.

Floyd Abrams

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