Weekend Edition: 1-30

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  • I’m not surprised because it’s happened before. The National Book Critics Circle announced the finalists for its annual awards last Saturday. As a member, I get to vote and, again, not a single book I voted for is on the list. Moreover, I haven’t read any of them. Once again, can you spell “illiterati”?
  • Winner blog wonder Doug Viken has started the SD Science Cafe and All-Night Coffee House to serve up material related to science and technology in South Dakota.

Zen Thought of the Week

  • A bank time and temperature sign I drove by Thursday said “-0”. Is -0 colder than 0?

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Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley, Proper Studies

1 comment to Weekend Edition: 1-30

  • Thanks (I think or wonder) for the link to the new blog. I hope it catches some attention since science and technology are important to South Dakota and I did not find any site effectively presenting such information. There is another site that will show up if a search is made for South Dakota Science, but the same information will show up in all its blogs for all states.

    And thanks too for your posts on the recent Supreme Court decision and the curious support given it by conservatives who normally rant and rave about the dangerous of activist courts making law from the bench.