Sunday brunch

As I indicated, travel has keep internet access occasional at best. As a result, the weekly installments of Friday Follies and Weekend Edition didn’t make it on their normal days. So, with a bit of down time this morning, I’m offering Sunday Brunch, a combo of the two in one post that hopefully isn’t stale.


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Given the number of f-bombs that were dropped and the way they were used, I think it’s fair to say this was a “hostile witness.”

Suggestion for the stoned: Do not stash your weed in the court papers from your March pot possession prosecution.

Autistic boy charged with making terroristic threats in stick figure drawing.” (Jonathan Turley)

In death penalty case, prosecutor claims evidence of prisoner’s masturbation shows “[h]e will make a lousy prisoner if he’s given a life-sentence.” I’m sure the prosecutor was shocked the judge ruled the incident was not pertinent to the murder case. (Legal Juice)

An Oklahoma City doctor who injected herself with Botox (you know, short for a drug based on the toxin that causes botulism) was awarded $15 million in a lawsuit claiming the manufacturer failed to warn her that — wait for it — she might get botulism. (Legal Blog Watch)

If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value

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