Friday Follies 2.15

Evidently not having read the “not stealing” part of the Ten Commandments, a British man is being sought for copyright infringement on hundreds of Christian books.

The ads were/are annoying enough but Subway’s effort to trademark “footlong” ensures I won’t eat at any of their restaurants again.

Probably not the headline you want about you in a national legal publication: Defense Lawyer Holds Possible Record for Most Clients Sentenced to Death. Of course, maybe the headline doesn’t hurt as much when a profile about you n the NYT starts, “A good way to end up on death row in Texas is to be accused of a capital crime and have Jerry Guerinot represent you.”

Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant?

To the question, “Are lawyers vilified too much or not enough?” my standard answer is “yes.”

Alan Dershowitz, ABA Journal (October 1991)

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  • Subway trademarking “footlong”? No, no, no! Subway sells sandwiches. A footlong is the 12-inch hot dog (preferably with that thin oniony chili) that I get at Dairy Queen (and have eaten there since I was five). Yum!