Musing Mondays: Location, location, location

Where is your most often used (favorite) reading spot? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite spot just that?

All things considered, my favorite spot is probably out on the deck of our house. Now, granted, it is far from a prime (or even desirable) location in the winter. But spring, summer and fall it’s a great place to sit with the dogs, catch some rays and breezes, and read with my iPod for accompaniment. Moreover, being on the east side of the house it’s warm during the coolest part of the day and cooler during the hottest part.

Still, a guy can’t sit outside all the time even when it’s nice. So my alternate and probably most used spot, particularly given how fickle the weather can be, is one of the recliners in our front room, both of which have full spectrum reading lamps next to them. For decades, I read a lot in bed in the evening. The last number of years, though, I found myself “reading with my eyes closed” much too frequently.

Now if you really want my favorite spot, it would be in a beach lounger on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. But that’s bit far away for anything but rare use.

And yet there’s nothin’ better for your soul
Than lyin’ in the sun and listenin’ to rock ‘n roll

Title cut, Lighthouse, Sunny Days

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  • Aloha. I’ve been burning the midnight candle in bed since childhood. If I read during daylight, it’s usually in my chair or a friend’s backyard and porch because I don’t have either.