Friday Follies 2.26

Evidently the law enforcement training sessions at the FBI Academy do not include copyright law, such as public domain or fair use. Or, to quote Popehat, “I own one two hundred sixty millionth of this seal.”

Dead man gets ticket for parking too long in 2-hour zone. (The parking enforcement office “rapped on the window to wake him and tell him to move the car, but she got no response. The officer assumed the man was a sound sleeper.”) (via Obscure Store and Reading Room)

I don’t know if I am more offended as a lawyer or as the former coach of one of my daughter’s softball teams. A Nebraska judge has been removed for using his position to help his daughter’s softball team through such actions as suggestion a prosecutor “take care of my shortstop” when she was charged with a crime.

A 43-year-old Ohio woman was arrested for allegedly calling 911 multiple times and asking the dispatchers to help her find a date. But my favorite part of the tale? When police came to her door, she wouldn’t open it until the dispatchers told her it was her date — and after opening the door she proceeded to urinate on the hallway floor. One guess allowed as to whether she was intoxicated.

Then there’s the Florida man who called 911 twice — for a ride to the liquor store. (via Dumb as a Blog)

I would think this obvious. If you are already married, don’t post pictures of your other wedding on Facebook. (via Futurelawyer)

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

Hubert H. Humphrey, Aug. 23, 1965

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