BBAW update

As I anticipated (and was fairly well confirmed when only one-third of the voters actually visited my blog), I didn’t make the longlists in the two categories I was in for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I am pleased, though, that three of the five blogs I voted for in the Best Written category (after looking at all the nominees) made the list, although only one did in the Best Eclectic category (where I also looked at all the nominees).

I am judging the longlist in the Best Literary Blog category — if it can be called a longlist as only six blogs made the cut. I’m kind of looking forward to judging the category given how I’ve read more literary fiction over the last few years. Half the blogs were already in my feed reader so I already have some familiarity with them.

While we’ll see how things go from here, other than perhaps voting in all the categories once the finalists are announced, this may be the last of my participation in BBAW. My experience so far has not much soothed the concerns I had going in — but then it ain’t over yet.

If you allow yourself to begin posting entries based on what you think someone else wants you to write, you are missing the point of having a weblog.

Rebecca Blood, The Weblog Handbook

3 comments to BBAW update

  • It seems like all about the prizes and voting now, but trust me, when it gets started it’s really really fun. The awards are just a tiny part of it.

  • Seems to me that we can still have BBAW without going through the process of giving awards to blogs. The blogger interviews was interesting (although last year, the one chosen for me to interview had blogged only about 10 times in the entire year). The interviews themselves should be enough for showing apreciation, I think!

  • For what it’s wroth, my blog didn’t make either of the long lists I was up for, either. I’m voting on best Romance books. (How I got stuck with that, I’m not sure. I don’t generally read that genre! LOL) Hopefully the week will make the awards thing just not matter, ya know? For what it’s worth, your blog is one of many I discovered through the first-round voting process!