Summer doldrums

you may have noticed that, with the exception of book reviews, there hasn’t been a lot of original content around here lately. I’m blaming it on summer doldrums.

The winds of creative thought have blown cold — or are asleep in the late summer heat. In fact, book reviews end up getting posted on Mondays because that way I have the weekend to putter around with them. And the doldrums are spreading. Although I was soaking up books like crazy the first part of the month, including six books from the July and August Bibliolust lists, I struggled near the end of last week to find something that intrigued me. I bet I picked up and put down at least three different books before opting for a bestseller read.

The fact it’s become apparent the sun comes up later and goes down earlier has, I think, started to switch my mental body clock. Not only am I looking forward to some of the cooler temperatures of fall, the thought that hockey season is on the horizon, although at least a month away, has me pining a bit. The worst part is that we all know what follows fall around here.

Maybe, then, it isn’t the doldrums. It’s simply not wanting to spend too much energy, mental or otherwise, before summer slips away.

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

Sam Keen

2 comments to Summer doldrums

  • No need to apologize. I am also experiencing “summer” doldrums this August even here in the tropics. Enjoying your reading and relax. The cold air will return before soon enough.

  • Summer never gives me the doldrums — I think I’m solar powered. 😉 But hey, I don’t mind if everyone spends less of August at the computer and more time outside. South Dakota is never more beautiful than in August.