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  • The deadline to apply to be a book-giver on World Book Night has been extended to Monday.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes (this week)

  • Burning Man (“Kneeling there, on fire, he’d resigned himself to death. All he’d wanted to know was how long? How long would he have to burn? How many more torturous fractions of a second would he have to remain alive?”) (via)
  • Stories don’t need morals or messages (“For some of us, however, reading is an end in itself, and what fiction has to offer isn’t lessons but an experience, a revelation, a sudden expansion of the spirit.”)
  • A Message from Prison (“…the schizophrenic seeks salvation from his suffering the way a person drowning seeks a gulp of air.”)

More Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes (that I accidentally omitted last week)

  • The Long Goodbye (“What’s so crazy is that medical science is keeping people alive longer. We just won’t be able to afford to live—we’ll be a nation full of immortal poor people.”) (via)
  • How Much Is an Astronaut’s Life Worth? (“Neither Columbus nor Lewis and Clark would have imagined demanding 99.999 percent safety assurances as a precondition for their expeditions. Under such a standard, no human voyages of exploration would ever have been attempted.”) (via)

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  • “These deppresants are wrongly sometimes writtenabated to as travelers? diarrhea.” (January 31 comment to my annual Christmas post)

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