Weekend Edition: 2-25

Bulletin Board

  • Saw my first college hockey game in person last night since last April’s NCAA championship game — and it, too, was an overtime game, aka “free hockey.” The Gophers maybe should take note that they’ve never lost a game I attended, including Final Five and Frozen Four championships.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Never Surrender: The Lonely War of Hiroo Onoda (“Onoda was now alone: the last Japanese soldier still fighting the Second World War, a conflict that had ended 27 years earlier.”) (via)
  • Something rotten in Arizona (“NONE of the … books have been banned… Each book has been boxed and stored as part of the process of suspending the classes.”)
  • Voluminous (“My books are not dead weight, they are live weight—matter infused by spirit, every one of them, even the silliest. They do not block the horizon; they draw it. They free me from the prison of contemporaneity: one should not live only in one’s own time. A wall of books is a wall of windows.”) (via)

Blog Headline of the Week

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…one’s books are one’s biography.

Leon Wieseltier, “Voluminous

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