What media outlets influence the Northern Plains?

We in flyover country tend to be viewed as a homogeneous blob. But anyone who’s looked at the differences between Minnesota, say, and South Dakota — hell, between East River and West River South Dakota — knows that isn’t the case.

Still, the diversity in a media map created by Forbes magazine which shows, by state, what news sources are read and shared at above-average levels is interesting. Of course, some doubts creep into my mind when Fox News isn’t listed as the most influential source in South Dakota. Surprisingly, it is CNN.

While MSNBC is the big dog for both Iowa and North Dakota (the latter also surprises me), it’s ABC News for Nebraska. But Minnesota takes the cake and shows why it is always our most interesting neighbor. It’s most dominant news source? The Onion. (It also predominates in Wisconsin and — another shock — Utah.)

Forbes says it will update the map monthly.

It’s hard to know now who, if anyone, in the “media” has any credibility.

Howard Fineman, “The ‘Media Party’ is over

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