The addiction grows, electronically

I have far, far, far too many books on my TBR shelves. When I last looked, I had about 100 books on my Nook Color (although a number of them are public domain editions of classics that I intend to read “some day”). So what did I do today? I bit on an offer to get a refurbished Kindle Fire tablet for $139.

Why does a guy who doesn’t need another book go buy a second ereader? I’m still kind of asking myself that question. My reasoning excuse is this is a “tablet” that I will use as much, if not more, for other purposes — although I can’t think of a lot it will do that my Android doesn’t do already. Plus the guy who doesn’t need any more books drools every once in a while when Amazon offers an ebook for 99 cents (or sometimes free for Amazon Prime members) and I don’t want to read it on the Kindle app on my laptop or Android.

Hey, I quit smoking 20 years ago and the lottery, gambling and liquor industries would go bankrupt if they were relying on me in any fashion. I figure I’m entitled to at least one area of profligacy.

It’s an addiction… and addiction is something I should know something about.

Keith Richards

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  • D.E. Bishop

    Oh man! I have really been struggling with the same addiction! I’ve been coming up with all kinds of Really Good Excuses to buy a Kindle or a tablet. So far I’ve successfully resisted. But now you have to tell about a Kindle for $139. Damn you Progressive!!!