My e-readers are getting heavy

Here’s an interesting question. If you had 300 books sitting in your “to read” stack would you be out buying more? As something I read last week observed, most sane people would say no — but that seems to go out the window with e-readers. I’m a case in point.

I have nearly 350 books […]

Survey confirms my abnormalities

Maybe they’re asking the wrong people or perhaps I’m just highly abnormal. I’m thinking it’s the latter but a new reading habits survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows I’m a real outlier when it comes to reading.

The survey is billed as the first comprehensive examination of American reading habits since […]

The addiction grows, electronically

I have far, far, far too many books on my TBR shelves. When I last looked, I had about 100 books on my Nook Color (although a number of them are public domain editions of classics that I intend to read “some day”). So what did I do today? I bit on an offer to […]

Not a e-book worm

A friend passed along a recent study that looks at electronic bookworms. As if I didn’t know it already, I ain’t one. “Today’s e-book power buyer, someone who buys an e-book at least once a week, is a 44-year-old woman who loves romance and is spending more on buying books now than in the past.” […]

Just what I needed to hear — e-readers slower than paper

Sure, the same day my Nook arrives somebody’s gotta release some scientific study on e-readers. And what do they find? People who read books on an iPad read 6.2% slower than when they read a printed book while reading on the Kindle is 10.7% slower than print.

Now, granted, the study doesn’t include the Nook […]