My e-readers are getting heavy

Here’s an interesting question. If you had 300 books sitting in your “to read” stack would you be out buying more? As something I read last week observed, most sane people would say no — but that seems to go out the window with e-readers. I’m a case in point.

I have nearly 350 books […]

E-books, libraries and instant gratification

In its latest look at libraries in the digital age, the Pew Internet Project last week released a report on libraries, library users and e-books. The study confirms some of what I’ve been thinking about e-books lately and the continuing technological draw of instant gratification.

Perhaps the lead item in the study was that 58% […]

2010 in books — by the numbers

2010 was a record year in one respect. I read more books this year than in any one year since I started keeping a book diary in 1976. This year’s total was 127, quite a bit higher than the 111 from last year, the previous record. I attribute the number to 2010 being the first […]

2010: The year of the nook (sort of)

As I noted at the time, I broke down and bought a nook about six months ago. Overall, I’d say I’m pleased with it (especially since the latest software upgrade allows you to create bookshelves) but can’t say I’m in love with it. I read 18 e-books this year, 16 on the nook. Here’s my […]

The imperfect storm

The meteorological conditions were superb. Unfortunately, the bookish ones were not.

Despite a blizzard providing a perfect excuse to be sequestered indoors and plenty of books on the TBR shelves and Nook, my reading so far this weekend has been abysmal. First, although about a third of the way in, I gave up on Mark […]