Bibliolust the Last

I first started my Bibliolust posts in September 2008. That means this one would be the 48th — and I think four years is enough. It isn’t that I don’t lust after as many books. To the contrary, my use of ebook readers and increasing consumption of ebooks means it is often easier to lust. […]

July Bibliolust

My lust is getting ahead of me. I realized this week that I already have five books on my Amazon wish list that are coming out in October and November. Since that’s more than are on this month’s list, I am hoping it reflects that the publishers are trying to make their fall/winter catalogs as […]

June Bibliolust

It’s a very short list this month, largely because I read a couple books that might have made the list between now and last month’s list. I am also speculating that the release of summer “beach reads” is reducing the number of books piquing my curiosity.

Assignment to Hell: The War Against Nazi Germany with […]

May Bibliolust

My “nonresolution” of trying to read what I want when I feel like it seems to be having benefits. My progress on Bibliolust for both this year and past years has improved greatly. In fact, there’s only two books from this month’s list so far I haven’t read or abandoned — and for those two […]

April Bibliolust

I knew when I wrote last month’s Bibliolust that I was tempting fate. My thought that “I may be setting myself up for a bit of failure this month” became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The two books I thought might make the “Did Not Finish” list did, in fact, make the list. This early in the […]