Remembering Lenny Bruce

Today is the 40th anniversary of George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” routine. So why is this blog post about Lenny Bruce? Because as an Atlantic look at the significance of the routine points out — and as Carlin would freely admit — Lenny Bruce paved the way.

Bruce has long […]

Weekend Edition: 5-26

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

A Life Worth Ending (“Make no mistake, the purpose of long-term-care insurance is to help finance some of the greatest misery and suffering human beings have yet devised.”) (via)

Blog Headline of the Week

The best measure of a fan is not the number of restraining orders against you. […]

A fever changes in kind but not intensity

For the last month or so, in fact, for much of the year, I’ve been in kind of a reading frenzy. I must be averaging around three a week. But over the last week or so it kind of burned itself out — and got replaced with a new one.

A number of the last […]

Weekend Edition: 5-19

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

On Censorship (“Even more serious is the growing acceptance of the don’t-rock-the-boat response to those artists who do rock it, the growing agreement that censorship can be justified when certain interest groups, or genders, or faiths declare themselves affronted by a piece of work.”)

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More South Dakotans food insecure going hungry

An article in today’s local daily couldn’t help but bring to mind John Scalzi’s sadly timeless “Being Poor,” which I’ve mentioned several times. At least the headline is blunt: “Fears of hunger grow in S. Dakota.” The story itself reports on a study showing 12.6 percent of the state’s residents are “food insecure.”

Notice how […]