Elections + Obama + zealots = ballot challenge

We see all too frequently that getting information in today’s world isn’t the problem; it’s the ability to evaluate it. Latest case in point? The regular meeting Friday of the South Dakota Board of Elections includes an agenda item on a complaint filed to keep President Barack Obama off the ballot.

Thomas Scheveck beats three old horses raises three points in his formal complaint (which I’ve redacted to remove some addresses and phone numbers).

  1. Obama is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. as required by the U.S. Constitution but, rather, “a British subject.”
  2. Obama is using the Social Security number of someone born in 1890 (although I’m not sure what that has to do with the constitutional requirements).
  3. The copy of Obama’s birth certificate on the White House web page “is nothing more than a computer-generated forgery,” a “clever paste document.”

Now, granted, I don’t keep up on the news, particularly Fox News or what passes for “facts” on WorldNetDaily. But it only takes a trip to the Snopes website to see that the claims of Obama not being a natural born citizen, using a dead man’s Social Security number and having a forged birth certificate have been debunked. But then, I’m probably unaware that Snopes is owned and operated by the same Jewish banker Masonic cabal commanding the black helicopters of the New World Order.

Given that South Dakota has a total of three electoral votes and hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in nearly 50 years, including including voting for Nixon over its own George McGovern, I’m guessing Obama isn’t going to sweat how he does here. It’s just too bad a citizen board like this needs to spend time and money entertaining political fantasies.

(Big hat tip to Bob Mercer.)

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 24, 1808

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