Losing out with judicial elections

During Tuesday’s primary, voters in my judicial circuit (two counties) will see a “nonpolitical” ballot for Circuit Court judge, the state’s trial court level. We will choose which two of three candidates will face each other in one of the two contested races for judge in the circuit in the November election. (There’s only two […]

Obama ballot challenge rejected

Bob Mercer reports that the state Board of Elections voted 6-0 this morning to reject a challenge filed by a Rapid City man to President Barack Obama being on the ballot in South Dakota.

The vote was not based on the validity of the claims that Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen, uses someone […]

Elections + Obama + zealots = ballot challenge

We see all too frequently that getting information in today’s world isn’t the problem; it’s the ability to evaluate it. Latest case in point? The regular meeting Friday of the South Dakota Board of Elections includes an agenda item on a complaint filed to keep President Barack Obama off the ballot.

Thomas Scheveck beats three […]

The puzzle of party politics

Okay, I’ve got a poli sci degree, I was a political reporter and I stay fairly up to date. But I evidently have grown or remain blindly (or perhaps happily) ignorant to much of politics.

For the first time in my 36 years as a registered voter, I voted Tuesday as a registered Republican. The […]

Election reflections

There’s plenty of post-election analysis floating around, ranging from not so good to average or so. The Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor are among those focusing on the race in the context of Democratic efforts to control the House. For some reason, the New York Times led its story indicating the vote was […]