Desire — or not

I know I’ve posted it before but it’s a saying that’s stuck with me for probably 35 years. It’s one of the entries in Hugh Prather’s Notes to Myself: “If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write.”

As has been evident over the past month or so, clearly my desire is not to write. This isn’t just a case of writer’s block. That’s nothing more than temporary creative constipation. In my case, there’s just no inclination. I’ve got around 10 blog ideas sitting in a text file on my computer, but…. I’ve got a book I read close to two months ago I should post a review on, but….

Writing has been an outlet for me for most of my life and a part of my professional life for about 40 years. Still, as there has been no actual writing here, it is plain any passion for it is currently on a leave of absence. I’ve often found, though, that the urge to write occasionally tends to congeal during winter months.

Regardless, I will be back when the desire arises again, which may be next week, next month or whenever.

No pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination. Never mind, it will be back in a week or so.

James Joyce

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