Weekend Edition: 1-26

Bookish Linkage

George Orwell’s review of one of my Desert Island Books, Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon (via)

Evidently a writer’s advance is subject to seizure if his book has the same name as the terrorist organization he’s writing about

Please stop writing memoirs

Amazing Stories, Hugo Gernsback’s groundbreaking SF magazine, has […]

Weekend Edition: 1-19

Bulletin Board

So the NHL has ended the walk-out and begins play today. Screw ’em. The NHL’s not getting my money for the Center Ice package or anything else this year. When millionaires fight billionaires, I’m more than happy to stick with watching junior and college hockey.

Blog Headline of the Week

Ravens QB Flacco […]

What I’m not reading

Readers often seem to ghettoize certain genres. Some people won’t read thrillers. Others wouldn’t be caught dead with a science fiction book in their hands. I’m no different. I read a wide range of books but there are certain categories and genres I won’t touch or, if I do, it’s only rarely. Here’s a few, […]

Weekend Edition: 1-12

Bulletin Board

You need to check out the library’s new digital access to popular magazines for your smartphone, laptop or desktop. I’ve been playing with it for a couple weeks and think it’s great.

Interesting Reading

Happy New Year? You’ve got to be kidding (“The blogosphere is a handy symptom of the pervasive cognitive and […]

Your IP address is not private information

Although it was somewhat of a secondary issue, there was an interesting decision this week from the South Dakota Supreme Court. It held that a person has no privacy interest in their IP address, at least for purposes of the constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

To begin with, an IP address is the […]