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  • Bestselling author (and Sioux Falls native) Sam Kean will discuss his latest book, The Violinist’s Thumb at the Main Branch of Siouxland Libraries from 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Bibliocide (“Although they went through various editions, encyclopædias belong to a time when knowledge was owned by a handful of established authorities, who decided not only what was true but what deserved to be ennobled by its inclusion.”)
  • Invest in readers, not MFAs (“What’s the point of helping a first-time author to finish that novel, if you’re just going to usher them into a world where they can’t get anyone to read it, let alone buy it?”)
  • Mission Accomplished: Iraq as America’s biggest Blunder (“The harm was this: we wanted to leave Iraq (and Afghanistan) stable to advance American goals. We did so by spending our time and money on obviously pointless things, while most Iraqis lacked access to clean water, regular electricity, and medical or hospital care.” (via)

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  • Shortly after arriving in hell yesterday afternoon, the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was unamused to discover that former American president George Bush really is the devil, just as Chavez had referred to him in his famous United Nations speech in 2006.”

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Mason Cooley, City Aphorisms, Seventh Selection

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