Weekend Edition: 5-25

Bulletin Board

  • I just want to mention it was my 32nd wedding anniversary this past week — and, amazingly, she still loves me.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Twenty-five Signs You’re Addicted To Books (“The first step is admitting it. The second step is to keep right on reading.”)
  • The Curse of Reading and Forgetting (“But, looking at my bookshelves, I am aware of another kind of forgetting—the spines look familiar; the names and titles bring to mind perhaps a character name, a turn of plot, often just a mood or feeling—but for the most part, the assembled books, and the hundreds of others that I’ve read and discarded, given away, or returned to libraries, represent a vast catalogue of forgetting.”)
  • First interview with a dead man (“Nine years ago, Graham woke up and discovered he was dead.”) (via)

Bookish Linkage

Nonbookish Linkage

Hello beautiful thing, maybe you could save my life

Bruce Springsteen, “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” Magic

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