11 years old

On the 10th anniversary of this blog a year ago, I observed: “In blog years I’m dead.” Add one more year of decomposition.

More than ever I struggle with whether to simply abandon this. About the time I’m convinced I should, something comes up that I want to post about — although most of it is rather desultory. My guess the bones will continue to creak and make popping noise but, like any old fart, will continue to muddle along.

I wish there was a measurement for blog life akin to the measurement of dog years. I’m guessing they might be close since I certainly feel in my 70s blogwise.

2 comments to 11 years old

  • Jay French

    Congrats on 11 years, that kind of dedication is rare. I for one find your posts very entertaining and look forward to your weekly updates and reports of your eclectic book reading. Thanks!