Weekend Edition: 11-2

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Brown University’s Campus Liberals vs. Free Speech (“On the surface, campuses like Brown’s seem hegemonically liberal. But in my experience, that apparent consensus conceals a crucial gulf between students and faculty who hold left of center opinions but accept basic norms of fair play and students who consider freedom of speech a scam employed by the powers that be to perpetuate their racism/sexism/classism/imperialism/homophobia.”)
  • Almost Without Hope (“Currently, prisoners receive significantly higher per capita health-care funding than Native Americans.”)
  • 10 Novels to a Better You (“Christ, if all this reading has made me a better or wiser person, I’d hate to think what kind of monster I’d be without it.

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It might be a good idea if the various countries of the world would occasionally swap history books, just to see what other people are doing with the same set of facts

Bill Vaughan, Sunbeams

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