Weekend Edition: 1-25

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • You’re Richer Than You Think (“… we struggle to pay for the lifestyles we think we deserve when billions struggle to live. The inconvenient truth is that most of us have more than we need and spend more than we should.”)
  • Happiness and Its Discontents (“[We can] feel so anxious about feeling anxious that when we catch ourselves getting a little stirred up, a little excited, even in a good way, we end up suppressing our feelings because we fear that our ardor might deliver us straight into the lair of … anxiety.”)
  • Fifty States of Fear (“The interesting thing about the security measures that are taken today is that they provide, as [Erik} Prince puts it, the ‘illusion of security’; another way to put it is that they provide ‘security theater.’ Or perhaps it is actually a theater of fear.”)

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Most Unusual Medical Finding of the Week

Most Interesting Study of the Week

  • Whether death row inmate accepts last meal and how much they eat may be indicator of guilt or innocence

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A life spent at one’s desk is a life alone.

Donna Tartt, Nov. 14, 2013

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