Weekend Edition: 2-15

Can you tell February demolishes my motivation? This is the third post of the month, all of which have been a Weekend Edition. Despite how short it is, it always feels long. Actual posts on the horizon, though.

“You Hate It That Much?” Blog Headline of the Week

Lawsuit of the Week

Bookish Linkage

Nonbookish Linkage

  • The most pleasant places to live in the continental U.S. have 153 or more pleasant days (average temp between 55 and 75 degrees and no significant rain or snowfall) each year. Sioux Falls has 59
  • Hawaii is the first state to ban plastic bags at retail stores
  • A record number of Americans renounced their citizenship last year
  • Reporters Without Borders ranks the U.S. 46th in its 2014 World Press Freedom Index
  • The collapse of big law and what it means for the medical profession
  • I know this will come as (not a) suprise but just 22 percent of South Dakotans consider themselves nonreligious, compared to a 29.4 percent average nationwide, and only seven states consider themselves less liberal
  • Twelve times God is a complete dick in the Old Testament
  • Seven modern phobias

Awareness of my limitations used to depress me. Now it’s the foundation of everything I know.

David R. Dow, Things I’ve Learned from Dying: A Book About Life

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