Weekend Edition: 4-18

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Binge Reading Disorder (“When you encounter so many sentences a day, even if they are well constructed, intelligent, and seemingly memorable, how do you actually remember one intelligent thought when a thousand others are clamoring for your attention?”)
  • What Does Gun Violence Really Cost? (“Even before accounting for the more intangible costs of the violence, … the average cost to taxpayers for a single gun homicide in America is nearly $400,000. And we pay for 32 of them every single day.”)
  • Inside the Kremlin’s hall of mirrors (“These wars of the future would be fought not on the battlefield but in the minds of men.”)

Innovative Legal Defense of the Week

  • My client isn’t a terrorist, he just said he was to seduce women

Lawsuit of the Week

  • Callifornia lawsuit claims it’s unconstitutional to outlaw prostitution because “consensual, private sexual activity (even for compensation) is a fundamental liberty interest.”

Bookish Linkage

Nonbookish Linkage

Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.

Igor Stravinsky

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