Weekend Edition: 5-2

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

  • Object Lesson (“For many of us, our book collections are, in at least one major way, tantamount to our children—they are manifestations of our identity, embodiments of our selfhood; they are a dynamic interior heftily externalized, a sensibility, a worldview defined and objectified.”)
  • NSA Publishes Children’s Coloring Book (“That this is propaganda is so obvious it insults the intelligence of anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of what the NSA and propaganda are.”)

Maybe He Hates Loathes Lawyers

  • An man on trial for alleged attacking his lawyer during a jailhouse meeting attacked his new lawyer in the courtroom this week.

Bookish Linkage

Nonbookish Linkage

Books are not collections of paper, they’re invitations to different worlds. And being in a bookstore is like getting a passport.

Jon Acuff, “Why I Fell Back In Love With Bookstores

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