It’s about time

prayer headlineFinally, someone calls out politicians and prayer. And, of all places, it was the New York Daily News — although I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Its front page and accompanying story today actually looks at one of the flaws plaguing this “Judeo-Christian nation.” What was a common political reaction to the latest mass shooting in this country? Prayer. WTF??? That’s right. Let’s not suggest, let alone take, any steps to try and address the endless gun violence in this country. Instead, this “god-fearing” nation will pay lip service — in more ways than one — to humanity’s imaginary invention.

Not surprisingly, the Daily News is entirely correct when it says, “Prayers aren’t working.” That’s because prayer can and will do nothing to deal with this or any other problem. Prayer isn’t a curative balm. As the headline suggests, there’s nothing there except “meaningless platitudes.” You may as well talk to a wall — but at least the wall actually exists.

By the way, any “God-fearing” denizen of this country who says this is just more divine punishment for our immoral society deserves to be swatted in the face with a rolled up copy of the Daily News until they come to their senses. Of course, for most that would be years, if not eternity.

People aren’t religious because they’re stupid; rather, religion is a parasite of the mind that makes people do stupid things and think stupid thoughts.

PZ Meyers, The Happy Atheist

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  • John

    Your advocacy of violence directed at people with whom you do not agree is disappointing. What happened recently in San Bernardino and various other places around the world is not about gun control or the lack thereof. California and most major cities have strict gun control laws.
    Both the rate of gun homicides and the actual number of gun homicides have decreased since 1993. Admittedly, inner cities remain a cesspool of violence but, not so oddly enough, they have very strict gun control laws and are ruled by Democrats. What happened in San Bernardino and other places is about Islamic violence and should be treated as such.